How it began… A conversation between me and my “man” about starting this blog

Posted on: December 7, 2010

Me: I’m going to start a blog about my life… Motherhood, raising our special needs son… Everything

Charlton: Why? Everything…? What do you mean by everything?

Me: I need the therapy (I think writing is therapeutic unless it’s something like a suicide note or something)

Charlton: Oh Lord, what next. Please don’t talk about me on there? Are you going to talk about me too?

Me: Yes… You’re a part of my life aren’t you? Why not?

Charlton: Everyone will be in our business

Me: What business are you talking about?

Charlton: What type of things are you going to write about…Personal stuff?

Me: It’s our life… It has to be personal. Do you want me to talk about other people?

Charlton: Not really. How about no talking – Lord… You’re going to put our business out there like that?

Me: I won’t be talking about sex or anything like that. At least not initially

Charlton: You’re joking right?

Me: Of course I’m joking! But if I did talk about it you know it would be good stuff

Charlton: You get into everything. Anyway I know the decision has already been made and this conversation is only to let me know

Me: The new democracy

Charlton: What?

Me: So you’re cool with it?

Charlton: I guess

Me: Love you honey

Charlton: Just careful with our business

So here I am. To write about our life but not our business


10 Responses to "How it began… A conversation between me and my “man” about starting this blog"

Goodness Darling… I absolutely think this first post is adorable! xoxo

really good start Salma. this is gonna be interesting. tit will be nice to hear someone in a similar situation express themselves. it will open my eyes to better solutions for my situation. looking forward to reading ur blogs

Ha ha ha….the new democracy…i love it!

This blog made my morning. I’m laughing so hard right now. Great job sis! I’m so looking forward to reading and commenting on everything. I’ll have to let Michael read the blog, he’s still confuse as to where I got my idea of the “new democracy”. I’ll have to post more later my little painter (son) won’t leave me alone (siiiiiiggggghhhhh). Lots of love to you sis. Let the therapy begin!!!!!

Well Well. I am soooooooooooooooooooooooo proud of you, after much thought and discussion you have started this therapeutic session. GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Being a mother myself, parenting is not at all easy as a matter of fact its probably the most challenging yet fulfilling job (and yes I do use the word job as it pertains to parenting) one will ever have……..and most times you don’t even send an application…….LOL.

Just so that you know you have been doing an excellent job receiving all A+ grades. Love you loads and do continue.

Well Salma so far so good …..looking forward to other posting! This must have been God inspired girl. Parents with a special needs children would have an outlet to see other parents thoughts and ideas as well maybe a solution to handling situations! And the personal stuff makes it real…..girl its all good! Will be watching, reading and commenting!

lol rolling on da floor at Charlton……he is right though it was only to inform him. I am definitely looking forward to reading this blog, i can feel the excitement welling up inside. I have one concern though, just like Charlton I am wondering how much of my business ehhhem pardon me “life” , umm “my life” will be spoken about. (biting nails) after all I have been in your life since we were pre schoolers. Best friends since then. I am so proud of all you are doing, the strength you display in raising your son, and the woman you are growing into….snif.. snif . Love you to bits girl as you already know. Now you know I will be on this blog often ..uh huh to make sure ma business aint on it lol . …nah… to lend support . So have fun with it and I will check u later.

Hey Salma……………..I just read your first post……………and I think this is a great idea, adn i agree with what you said it can definitely be therapeutic. It may even give other mothers who are afraid to talk about the issues they may face, the confidence and the strength they need or maybe even the push they need to start approaching having a child with autism differently in a way that both beneficial for their child tehmselves and their family. I also think it may educate others out there, remove many misconceptions and even fears……………..Im all for it……………..It may even open doors…………but most importantly i think it’ll be great support for many others out there who aren’t as vocal as you are…………….best wishes…………….ill definitely be looking forward to seeing more.

Haile Nema, the New Democracy.. I am laughing my ass off right now. I will come back in a few with a more productive comment.

I’m gonna love this blog…I can’t wait to read the “our business” section. Keep it coming S!

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