Paint Boy… Stuff that happened while I was still a blog virgin

Posted on: December 8, 2010

Get your mind out the gutter. Not talking about “THAT” virgin stuff. That would be some “BUSINESS” that my “man” would go nuts over. Ok, stop Salma.

So… While I was still a blog virgin this is what happened this past Sunday.

Before I start I must tell you that we’re working on building Kuba’s conversation skills. So my perspective on what is that something is working.

So last Sunday, Kuba and I were home alone. I was doing some house cleaning and he was running around pretending to be a lion or a dog. SIDE NOTE: I hope he grows out of this at least the pretending to be a dog bit.

Anyway after a while I didn’t hear him – NEVER a good sign.

Me: Kuba

No answer

Me: Kuba

No answer

I start going from room to room looking. No Kuba.

I go outside… I hear something in the back.

He sees me and starts talking a mile a minute.

HE IS COVERED IN PAINT! And he has a pitcher of water in his hand trying to wash off the paint.

I don’t think I have any hairs on my neck but if I did they would standing up. Note to self: Go check for hairs after this post.

Now he’s coming at me with a big smile wanting to hug me – THIS KID KNOWS HE’S DONE SOMETHING WRONG!

I make an attempt to yell but nothing comes out. I turn around and go back inside the house to what I was doing. Now, if that wasn’t divine intervention I don’t know what is.

A few minutes after I go back out where I told him to remain armed with cotton pads and nail polish remover – Couldn’t think of anything else. Did I mention this was oil-based paint?

I start to clean in silence – Remember, I told him not to talk. SIDE NOTE: He gets in trouble… Good behavior. How can I get this all the time without the getting into trouble part. Wish I could bottle it so I can give him a teaspoon every now and then.

So I’m cleaning the paint off of him and I’m MAD! Did I mention that?

Charlton walks in while I’m doing this and he says nothing. Now, if that isn’t love I don’t know what is – He knew the unwritten code – Or maybe it was the hairs standing up on my neck… OMG! I have I really have to check this out.

Anyway… About a bag of cotton pads later, I’m just about finished and out-of-the-blue Kuba says to me (with eye contact)… “Good job buddy!” And… My shoulders relax, I crack a smile that gets bigger and bigger by the second and then I just start laughing.

Being a mom rocks!

Lessons learned:
Getting into trouble isn’t so bad after all. It helps his spontaneous (generalized) conversation. I’m sure the therapists an tutors would think otherwise though. “Good job buddy” – Somebody does you a favor so you’re thanking them; not laying it on too thick. He must have seen it as a favor to him because he obviously couldn’t get it off himself.

Don’t let special needs let them get away with everything. They will “play” you in a second. This takes some getting to know your child though. Sometimes I fall for this with Kuba. But mommy is a quick learner 🙂

For those of you who are wondering about the nail polish remover… It didn’t do anything to him. There was no paint on his face (hmmm) just all over the rest of his body. Hmmm…


7 Responses to "Paint Boy… Stuff that happened while I was still a blog virgin"

OMG… i think i would have fainted! Gotta luv Kuba. I nearly died laughing at the “good job buddy”. That would make me really smile too. Almost sounds like he was relieved to finally get that paint off of him.

Kuba sounds like a smart little boy. You’re right though, special needs or not, they will play you, if they think they can get away with it. They keep these phrases locked away in their heads, until there is an appropriate time to use them, trust me I have first hand experience with that. Patience, love, patience, gentle firmness, did I say patience? They’re all needed to cope with these unique children, and it sounds like you’ve got that patience part down to a science. Keep it up, it will pay off in the long run. Love you

Girl u r a trip. I love the way u write this blog. Keep sharing. I’ll try to keep learning with u. “Good job buddy”

If no lesson was learnt by the child one was surely learnt by the mother……………………PATIENCE (-:

Good job Kuba, he knows how to melt mom right down! I’m going to have to take pointers from him.

That was some good stuff. I just envisioned the whole scene and couldn’t stop laughing. I’ve had numerous paint days with my two. Thumbs up to you and how you handled that. By the way, did you find out if there was hair on the back of your neck? lol.

Hahaha! What a day and an experience! I am sure we have all had a “paint day” and glad to know that there was a lesson learned @ the end. I am always trying to find the lesson learned in my “paint days” and trust me there are many!!!! And yes they really know how to play you! Keep them coming Salma!

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