Talk as you like… Or not

Posted on: December 10, 2010

So we’re laying in bed… ONLY TALKING 🙂

Me: Hon, what did you think of my first post?

Charlton: What post? What are you talking about?

Me: My blog. What do you mean what I’m talking about?
SIDE NOTE: It just so happens that I have a printed copy of the post under my pillow – But my post has been up for a day now – No excuse! This new democracy is a lot of work.

Charlton: Oh Lord, what did you say? Tell me now

Me: Nothing really. I just talked about a conversation we had – Here, I printed it. (I pull out the printout I did of the first post)

He begins to read it. He’s smiling and shaking his head. I’m taking that as a good sign

I can’t wait for him to finish…

Me: What do you think?

Charlton: Stop talking let me finish

Me: See, it’s not so bad

Charlton: Stop talking (smiling)

Me: I’m so excited about this

Charlton: I thought you were going to call the blog a different name?

Me: So you like the post… Yay

Charlton: Gyal u na Easy (he says this to me quite often :))

Me: But that post was not “business”

Charlton: You should call it… “Things are not always as they seem”

Me: Huh? Really? That’s too long. Plus it’s too late for that now. By the way what do you mean by that?

Charlton: I thought you were going to talk about Autism too?

Me: Yes, but this blog is about our life. Kuba is autistic, I’m not. Are you? I would have picked up on it by now (laughs)

Charlton: Stop talking

Me: Dealing with Autism is a part of our life not our entire life.

Charlton: What do you mean our entire life? So what are you going to write next?

Me: Can I talk about this conversation? SIDE NOTE: This was supposed to be an “inside” thought but it slipped

Charlton: I can’t talk freely now? (laughs) – I have to watch what I say around you. So you’re like those Facebook people now? You’re putting everything online.

Me: That’s not what I meant. I was just saying… A conversation like this is what I think would give people a peek into our life. That’s all. Facebook people…

He pulls an invisible zipper across his lips

Me: What’s that?

He shakes his head “No”

Me: What are you doing?

Charlton: I’m not talking to you. From now on I’m using sign language

Me: OMG! You’re blowing this thing out of proportion. I’m not going to talk about everything

Charlton: You’re not going to “talk” about everything. You’re going to (moves his fingers as if typing) everything

Me: You have nothing to worry about

He gives me the thumbs-down

Me: You can’t be serious with this sign language thing?

He gives me the thumbs-up

Me: So… Just checking… This conversation is ok?

He puts his hands up in the air

Me thinking: That’s almost a “yes” in sign language. Isn’t it?

Ahhh… We have a decision. You’re reading this so it’s no secret what the decision was. I’m a big fan of the “New Democracy” but the process is WEARING ME OUT!


4 Responses to "Talk as you like… Or not"

Salma, you’re too much. Tell him this isn’t too bad, it could’ve been a reality t.v. show….lol

Hahaha loving it….. I know not as much as Charlton!

Poor Charlton, lol. I can just imagin what he’s thinking…………………especially now you are becoming one of those “Facebook People”. Can’t wait for more…

lol ooooohgooosh am sorry for Charlton for when Salma gets clicking there’s no stopping. The “New Democracy” , lol , the invisible zipper, perhaps you shouldn’t show him a copy of this post 🙂 . This made my morning looking forward to more.

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