Baby Jesus Karma

Posted on: December 16, 2010

Crappy Tuesday was outdone by “Bleep” Thursday. It must be something with the T’s.

So… I take Kuba to school today only to find the place empty. You know when you’re in shock and you need someone to tell you something you already know?

I’m heading to the parking lot and I don’t see any kids. SIDE NOTE: What’s with me and parking lots? I have nothing good comes out of it once I’m in them.

Anyway… All the classroom doors that I could see were locked so I know no ones here. I still park and I’m like; Kuba, let’s go. Get your stuff. SIDE NOTE: My mother was right… I’m as stubborn as a mule. So we’re walking in… No kids. Still going. If there were bandits waiting for us I would not be writing this (LOL). And I have my kid following me blindly. GOOD JOB MOM! And this mom is still walking to the class.

Just before I get to the door. I send his teacher a text asking if there was school today and then I turned around left; headed for the car – Just like that. Kuba is about to have a meltdown because he should be staying at school not going… Wherever mommy was taking him now. He begins to ask for his teacher and I said “She’s not here today” – Very chipper. He took it very well and did not ask for her 10 times. He does this sometimes – Not just with her but anything; food, toys etc.

We get back to the car without incident.

I drive off and I’m thinking… This is happening to us today because we missed the school Christmas program… Baby Jesus Karma.


4 Responses to "Baby Jesus Karma"

That is too funny!!


Children understand more than we give them credit for. It’s amazing how they adapt and accept thinks more quickly than adults. Keep up the good work!!!

He adjusted to that situation quite well, that’s a great accomplishmnet. He probably was too happy, he didn’t have to go to school…….lol

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