Fuzzy Alarm… Crappy Day!

Posted on: December 16, 2010

Tuesday was crappy!

Not just because of the weather but – To begin with I got up late. I set my alarm for 4:30 (will get back to this) and got up at 7AM.

Kuba’s class Christmas party was on that day as well as the school Christmas program that I wanted to attend. I just totally had a “basement” day on Tuesday.

This was Kuba’s first Christmas at his new school, he was supposed to sing with his 2/3 class and also perform with his group in the special needs program. I took out the video camera because I wanted to record it to share with you… He’s quite the singer you know 🙂

So… Dropped Kuba off at school late. I was responsible for getting pizza for the party so I left for the restaurant. Tried calling ahead to order… Phone acting up – Just-FRICKING-GREAT! Get to the parking lot of the pizza place and it starts to rain; pour more like it. I sit in my car it’s coming down so hard. I still need to pick up the pizza, take it back to his class – And shit… I need to get a gift for my secret santa at the office. What next.

It’s been 20minutes and I’m still in the car. Today is not going well at all.

About 45minutes after…

The rain holds up a little so I make a dash for the restaurant. I pickup the pizza and head back to the school. As I’m pulling into the parking lot I see Kuba coming from the bathroom… He sees the car and… Houston, we got a problem!

It has started raining again… So I’m stuck in the car and Kuba is watching me. It’s an open corridor so I know he must be getting wet. I’m cussing under my breath. I know… I’m alone in my car – What’s the point of cussing under my breath. I see a parent who’s helping out for the day come out to get him. He doesn’t like it. It’s still raining but pizza box over my head I make a dash for it. I finally get to Kuba and he’s having a meltdown and wants to come with me. He greets me by saying…

Kuba: Kuba house please. SIDE NOTE: He refers to our home as “Kuba’s House”

Me: Not yet honey. Mommy has to go to the office

Kuba: Mommy office

Me: Kuba, today is your party. You have to stay. Mom will be back later to pick you up

Kuba: No, mommy office

Me: Later Kuba. Mom will be back later to pick you up. Ok?

Kuba: Yes

Me: Do you want pizza?

Kuba: No
SIDE NOTE: He really doesn’t want to be here right now… He loves pizza

The roof for the class is leaking so there’s water on the floor in some areas. I have reason to REALLY cuss under my breath now. The children seemed unconcerned and are having fun.

There’s so much stuff to eat and there isn’t even 10 kids in the class. We parents can sometimes overdo it… With the best of intentions though 🙂

I drop off the pizza and leaves. Kuba gives me a kiss and I leave. He’s not happy but he’s ok.

It’s after 10AM and I have yet to get into the office. Thank God I have a traveling office (BlackBerry Inc.)

I still have to now get my secret santa gift. I don’t want to show up empty-handed and become apart of the holiday gossip around the office 🙂 Plus I like this person and want to get them something nice. Not that I wouldn’t want to get something nice for anyone but… You know…

I ended up getting a gift certificate at a book store. He loves reading! Plus I got a really funny card that the person is going to laminate and put on their desk. NOTE TO SELF: Don’t ever sign a secret santa card again with your real name.

So it’s about 11:15AM and I’m just getting into the office. Does shopping for your office secret santa count as work related stuff?

I check my office line and I’ve missed about 18 calls from people who decided to leave no messages. JUST GREAT! I feel like Kuba… I wish I could go to “Kuba’s House” too.

I start thinking about the rest of my day… And I can’t seem to quite settle down… There’s so much to do – And I don’t want to miss the school’s Christmas Program this evening and they’ve asked us to be there for 5:20PM. JUST GREAT!

I get through the rest of the day (including the office luncheon) with my best “fake self”… Don’t judge me. 🙂

It starts pouring again. I can’t get to leave to pick up Kuba from school. I send his teacher a text. SIDE NOTE: Yes… I know… She actually gave me her cell phone number, her BBM PIN, email (the school on a whole is big on sending emails). And yes, she responds when I send her texts. I’m liking this teacher… A LOT!

Anyway, the text to his teacher was to let her know that I’m stuck (because of the rain) and I will be late picking up Kuba. By the time I pick him up it’s 3:30PM. Except for the High School kids that were there preparing for their dance later that night he was the only little kid left. Everyone had gone home.

Me thinking: Just swallow me earth. Just swallow me and spit me out somewhere I my backyard. I try not to be ever late picking him up – And I’ve never been this late.

Ok… We need to get home, get ready and get back to school for 5:20PM. JUST GREAT! How is “Super-Mom Who Never Wants to Miss Anything” going to do this?

Kuba starts asking for Mac & Cheese on the way home. I start thinking… We’re not going to make it to this program – And I feel guilty. The pressure I put on myself.

I know this may not seem like a big deal to others but it’s a “biggie” for me.

We’re still in the car (almost home) and I said out loud to myself. “Whatever… We’re not going”. And that was it, the decision was made. I wasn’t totally ok with it to be honest with you but I just couldn’t go anymore.

What did I learn from this… Nutthin!

P.S. My phone alarm goes off at 5:30PM. JUST FRICKING GREAT! So I guess I did learn a lesson. Pay attention when setting my alarm 🙂


3 Responses to "Fuzzy Alarm… Crappy Day!"

inhale………exhale…….inhale……exhale…………lol. I’m constantly doing, going, phoning, emailing something or the other with Jordan’s school you would think they have me on their payroll. lol. I can’t figure out why we mother put so much pressure on ourselves, I guess it just comes with the territory.

It comes naturally to REAL mothers and I think if we don’t do it we won’t feel good…I also think mother’s who doesn’t do it need to get their priorities checked

Girl tooooo funny r us sure u don’t want to right a book cause this stuff is good???!!! Oh yeah you better talk it over with the “man” first! But let him read all posts and comments first then ask should give u a leg u! Don’t feel bad at least u knew what time to take Kuba in Rayannas book mine said 6:30 so u know she was very late and upset….. And this after I should have really been home in bed resting!!!hahahaha the supermoms that we are eeehh!

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