Mr. Stoosh… Don’t like eating pork but likes licking

Posted on: December 22, 2010

And so it goes… Breakfast with my “stoosh” pickney.

Kuba: Mom, may I have bagel, butter, cheese, plate please

Me: Kuba, you had bagel yesterday. How about some cereal.. Raisin Bran?

Kuba: No. Bagel, butter, cheese, plate please

Me: You eat too much bread

Kuba: No bread. Bagel, butter, cheese, plate please

SIDE NOTE: To him bagel is not bread. To me, it’s more expensive bread with a hole in it

I give him the bagel in a napkin – It’s getting late and we have somewhere to go. SIDE NOTE: I’m thinking he can finish the bagel in the car (even though I had placed a ban on it – It was like a bomb exploded on the back seat the other day when he ate something that was left over from school – But it’s convenient now and it’s my car and the ban is being lifted today).

Looking at the bagels on the napkin he says…

Kuba: Plate Puhlease

Me: Kuba, you don’t need a plate

Kuba: Mom, plate please – And fork and knife

Me: This child of mine. Kuba, you don’t need a knife and fork to eat a bagel

Kuba: Plate… Yes… ?

I cave and I give him the bagel on a plate with his knife and fork. This kid… When he makes a request and you get it wrong, it’s you, not him – He’s very specific.

You see along with the autism came sensory issues – And along with that came a very picky-eater. His diet is:

Bagel and more bagel
Bread and more bread… Remember, there’s a difference (to him) Mac & Cheese
Mash Potato
Mash Green Banana: He thinks he doesn’t like this until he gives it a try Cereal
Fruits: This can change from week to week but always eat: raisins, prunes and bananas Milk (Soy)
Water… A lot
Used to eat fish but stopped – I tried giving him a few months ago (practically forced fed him – I felt/feel so ashamed and guilt-ridden) turns out he’s allergic.
Never ate chicken or any type of meat. And NO… I’m not a vegetarian. His father is but I’M NOT! Put it this way… I’ve already had my Pre-Christmas ham, there will be one for Christmas and then; you can’t have pre without the post – So after Christmas there will be another ham – LMAO. And sometimes I’ll prepare one during the summer, you know… When I feel a bit nostalgic. I’m serious about my pork. OMG! That sounds vile 🙂

So… Moving right along.

We have a few accomplishments that of which the entire family is so proud:

Kuba now eats a bowl of oatmeal under 3 hours. He still doesn’t like it mind you but he tolerates it and sometimes even feeds himself. Plus he’s more open to trying new foods. He’ll smell it, touch it, sometimes even lick it – Although this (the licking) is not the best (most appropriate) idea at times – Like when you’re at a party and another parent sees him licking something on a platter and freaks – And I’m like… What the hell – And they’re like… He’s licking the food! – And I’m like… Oh Shit! (But “Oh No” comes out instead of Shit). Then I end up feeling stuffed because I don’t want to waste the food (yeah right :)) I end up eating all the crap he’s licking. But then all long in my mind I’m thinking… Good job honey! Mom is so proud of you for trying the cupcake, sandwich, quiche, yada yada yada out.

I think Kuba has more of a taste sensitivity and not so much a smell sensitivity. For him, many tastes are very repulsive and I believe it’s more him craving sensory input in the joints and muscles of his mouth. A few years ago I think that added to the taste was him reacting to visual issues. For eg. I remember one time Kuba got Mac & Cheese that was mixed. It was the regular one and the shell one. He got a bowl of it in front of him and he picked out all the shells and ate the rest of it. He’s done the same thing when I add corn, carrot, 3 (I repeat THREE) gluten-free pasta to his bowl of Mac & Cheese and he found them, picked them out and ate the rest. Once he finds a food that he likes he wants it the same way ALL the time.

I now know that his “pickiness” is not voluntary to a large extent. My biggest fear though is that his sensitivities may result in nutritional deficiencies – Which is why I try so many things – And why I know so many of the things that don’t work. What can I say… It’s still an ongoing battle. So on Christmas Day, I’ll be eating my ham (aka, the best Pork ever) and he will be eating… Probably Mac & Cheese.

Just had a brilliant thought – You know; I have one of these every leap year. Is this year a leap year?

I can put some strips of ham in Kuba’s Mac & Cheese… Yay! But then his father would see it and freak – And I’ll be like… Kuba, did Grandma put this in your bowl? And he’ll be like… Looking at me all puzzled – And his dad would be like… Chupz – And I’ll be thinking… Good job honey! Mom is so proud of you trying out the ham 🙂

You never know… It could just happen without being planned.


4 Responses to "Mr. Stoosh… Don’t like eating pork but likes licking"

Plate Please…might start asking for poke on plate pleeeasseeee 🙂

lol @ Tameka…filthy..
u can puree veg and mash in with the potatoes maybe he wont notice.

Also your Title is filthy..haaaaaaaaa. I was like WTF….lolol

Did grandma put this in your bowl? ..lolol uh huh..suureeee.
I was not aware of the licking thing though. I find that qbsolutley hilarious….Much to my shock if one day I come to your house and see him randomly licking food. I would wonder if he went mad,..lolol.. Pickaneaga and dem pickiness..

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