Gifting each other in the bedroom

Posted on: December 30, 2010

Did I ever mention that Charlton can be so traditional?

So we’re in the bedroom and we’re gifting (You can use it as a verb… Right?) each other. And the gifting you’re thinking of right now is not the gifting that I’m talking about because you know that would be “business” and we don’t talk business here :).

So he says… I have a card for you. And he takes it out of a bag. SIDE NOTE: He’s a “cardie”. It’s so sweet. He gives me cards for every Birthday, Christmas, Mothers Day

Me (taking the card): Thank you honey.

Me (before opening it): Is there anything in it?

Charlton: What do you mean if there’s anything in it? Of course there’s something in it. I wouldn’t give you a blank card

Me: Did you write anything in it?

Charlton: No

Me: I don’t want it. Keep that – When you write in it then you can give it to me

Charlton: What the card says is what I want to say. Why don’t you just read the card

Me: Nope. Take this back – When you write something in it that’s when I want it.

Charlton: Did the devil send you? SIDE NOTE: It’s a term of endearment (between us) I swear

Me: Next year I want a blank card

Charlton: You’re sure you want a blank card?

Me: Yes. I don’t mean with nothing in it. I want it to be your handwriting only… Your words

Charlton: Ok. Next year you’ll get a blank card

He takes up the card and gets up to leave the bedroom

Me: What? Where are you going?

Charlton: You said you want me to write in the card… Right? I’ve put a lot of thought into this you know. Look, I even put it in an envelope

Me: What? Really?

He leaves the bedroom…

Me (shouting): When I say writing and words I don’t mean “to” and “from”

I hear him laughing

He comes back, hands me the card and says… I love you. Merry Christmas

Me: So you wrote something… Thanks hon – (I’m such a sucker)

So I open the card and guess what he wrote…

To: Salma Crump
From: … Do I need to finish

Such an ass…


8 Responses to "Gifting each other in the bedroom"

You can’t say he did not write something……………….you guys are killing me.

Awwwww @ ‘hes a cardie’ i think its great he’s all traditional…………..but its even better that he remembers and you get your cads on time…….that way you know your on his mind……and you know you love it!!

lol lol … In Ibo’s voice “you want horse and still saddle” lol love this ..sweet

Well you give him the idea of what to write….smart move on his part. But its great that he remembers to get you something on special days….


You too are too funny. I love it Salma. Keep em coming.

i like. this is real stuff salma. very interesting

That would be lovely if they always write something but……………….. give the man a break……lol

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