He’s found someone else :(

Posted on: April 7, 2011

HELP! Charlton now has a Blackberry!

What am I going to do? Just found out about this last night so I’m still in drama mode/shock. So he walks in (with a plastic bag in his hand) last night and Kuba and I are sitting at the table having dinner. Kuba is more interested in the plastic and me what’s in it. So they (Charlton and Kuba) start playing around then he comes and sits at the table and starts taking the stuff out of the bag. I see it’s a phone but at this time I did not realize it was a Blackberry. Then I see the logo on the back and ask (with reserved excitement)…

Me: Whose phone is this?

Charlton: Mine

SIDE NOTE: My heart sinks. I get an overly worried feeling. And I know that you’re probably asking yourself why I would feel this way. Relax drama-queen – Is it that you want it to be yours? My answer is… “Yes” – Of course I wanted it to be mine. But I was also now worried that he will now have a Blackberry. Only one of us is supposed to have a BB. Plus I’ve acknowledged my issues with mine – We don’t need, can’t take any more of that in this relationship.

He hands me the phone.

I’m looking at it. The damn thing is touch-screen… It’s not even an older version than mine! Can you imagine that? What is going on here?

So I’m like shocked…I’m not saying anything. I’m looking at him – He’s looking at me. We get into this “thing” that I started where we just look each other in the eyes for about a minute or two and not say anything. And now he does this! The one time that he decides to do something that he was asking me what the point of it was. He now does it (staring) in the middle of my BB meltdown… Go figure. Now you know that I can’t back-off because I started this “shit” in the first place. But whatever; it made a lot of sense when I suggested we do it ever-so-often.

So it’s (the staring) done… He’s smiling – And I said…

Me: I thought you didn’t want a Blackberry?

Charlton: I don’t really but I sent Jerry* my other phone that I couldn’t get to work here and this is what he sent me

Me: So are you going to keep it?

Charlton: Maybe. I don’t have anything against a Blackberry – It’s just that… For instance I was just talking to Kramer* a while ago and it was so annoying. Every minute, every minute he’s… (He mimics someone typing on their BB)

Back to this “gazing into each others eyes again”. Lord… I need to properly orchestrate when I’m going to initiate these “relationship-building” exercises. He’s just totally ruining it! It was supposed to be this romantic connection on a deeper level – We would gaze into each others eyes and not feel compelled to speak; let our thoughts do the talking. I know… It sounds like a bunch of crap to me now too 🙂 Because at that point the only connection that I’m thinking about is that I hope he doesn’t get BB service.

Me (carefully choosing my words): I feel uneasy about you having a Blackberry

Charlton: You feel uneasy… Why?

Me: I don’t know… (Really now ;)) – I know how you feel about my Blackberry usage and I know I have issues – And I don’t want to add you to that. What’s going to happen here?

He laughs

Charlton: It’s a phone… That won’t happen to me

Me: That’s what you say now

He plugs the phone in to charge it then says (smiling) to me…

Charlton: So what are you saying? Just give it to you so you can replace your old one

SIDE NOTE: WORLD, now you know… I have a BB and it’s OLD! It works… But it’s old :). I’ve seen colleagues replace theirs because of various problems but mine has taken a “lickin” but kept on “tickin”. Thou shall not covet thy neighbors BB. Thank you mom!

Me (laughing): Yes, that could work

Charlton: You na easy.

SIDE NOTE: I tell you guys. He says that to me all the time. It’s a term of endearment – Well… Although you just never know. May have to check myself :).


Charlton: You have 2 good phones that anyone would want and you still want this one?!

Me: Well, it’s not that I want it (No shit Salma 🙂 Ok, only a tinsy-winsy part of me wants it – Well, maybe more than a tinsy-winsy part.) – I continue… But I don’t want to have an issue with you being on your Blackberry all the time and for it to become a problem for us

Me: Are you going to get Blackberry service?

Charlton: Maybe… I don’t even know what I’m going to do. All I know is, it’s a phone and no phone can have me like that

End of story… Another sucker who thinks it’s just another phone – And that’s where it does the most damage. You see… I’m like the “functioning alcoholic” in this situation. I get the job done; get through the day – I know it’s more than a phone. Him… He’s going to get eaten alive if he keeps it. So I’m praying (if you’re good at forming prayer groups… Holler) that he either gives it to me (And again, it’s not that I want the phone – Only a bit more than a tinsy-winsy bit of me really wants it :)) or…

He wouldn’t sell it. Not easily anyway, because his friend sent it for him. I tell you he’s a bit sentimental when it comes to certain things. I wonder if I can ask a politician where I could store my conscience so I can hide the phone and not feel guilty. TOTALLY KIDDING… Or not 😉

P.S. The names of his friends have been changed to that of characters on the sitcom Seinfeld. They didn’t ask to be a part of my drama.


7 Responses to "He’s found someone else :("

Neema well well…this is like thief never like fe see thief with long bag lol. Mark Got me a bb for my mother’s day and I know you have been told I dislike bb. Not the phone or service itself, more like how people have let it consume them and make them appear disrespectful. I was in a meeting the other day and forgot to turn down the phone, next thing I hear ping ping ping. So I ignored it of course. Only to be asked by a colleague, “Aren’t you going to check your bb?” I don’t like when I’m talking to someone and every second they’re texting texting away. Hmmm let’s see how it unfolds. I want to have confidence in C and believe he will not turn into a bb fanatic. For now my Eldest son is more taken with the bb than me 🙂

I still don’t know how to respond to that story. lol. 10 mins later and I’m still sitting here with my fingers over the keyboard, grinning like an a**, shaking my head. lol. Sorry for borrowing your quote C but Neema “You na easy”.

I was here trying to read this thing, without laughing like a jackass in the office. A customer was here and Rob was here and I am trying to bite in my lips. Gyal you choopit see. No wonder me an u a fren.
How you gon’ have issue wid mr.mann bb, when you clearly need to be checked into a program? Do you think this is his way of reverse psychology, so that you can stop using yours as much. Dem no as fooley as arwe tink you know.
Thou shalt not covet thy boyfriend’s BB. If it goes missing I will call him and tell him to check under your mattress.

Salma this was is mad funny….love the politician pun and I agree with Mary just look into his eyes a lil longer and he will give it up….and as much as he says he wouldn’t get addicted he would

It’s just a phone they always say! Try hiding it from him one day and see what happens! This blog entry made me laugh because i had the same uneasiness when my mister got his bb. He wasn’t mean to me tho… he got one just like mine, not a newer and sexier one 😉

Lololol! @ ask a politician where to hide ur conscience……Funny piece!

Salma, Salma, Salma! Am cracking up here. Thanks for enlightening my morning on how to accuire a new BB……. He is gonna give it to you, just look into his eyes for more than a minute, maybe he might feel guilty and hand it over. Tell me something tho, are you afraid of him becoming a BB fanatic……maybe like yourself? (no offense). Love readung your blogs.

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