Discovering the Discovered with Tiger blood

Posted on: May 18, 2011

I’VE BEEN DISCOVERED! By now you should have seen it in all the papers (I know we only have 2 but that’s not my fault) that I, Salma Crump will be a featured writer in this year’s production of “When A Woman Moans”. These people have probably lost their mind but I’m playing along 🙂

So yes, they will be using a combination of 2 of my blog entries (where I talk about an experience with Kuba) for one of the featured monologues. I’m so psyched  – I wish I could say “ka-ching” right now but I can’t because I’m not getting paid. I guess all I need now is a job at Mc Donald’s to complete the “struggling writer story” :).  I can’t remember hearing anyone talk about working at KFC. Although if I work there the only thing I would be struggling to do is walk since they would have to pay me in “crispy chicken” :). I can’t wait to see who will be playing me though. We’ve (writers) all been invited to the practice sessions but I haven’t been because I want to be surprised  – Well that and I didn’t want them to meet me and change their mind about the whole thing (LOL).  

Anyway… I should tell you what the production is about right?

It’s a compilation of monologues based on the lives lived and lost by women in Antigua & Barbuda. This year the production will focus on celebrating the many facets of women, and the men who support and encourage them. Some of the other writers include Melissa Elliott, Joanne C Hillhouse, Elaine Spires, Brenda Lee Browne, Marcella Andre, Floree Williams, Tameka Jarvis-George, Linisa George and Zahra I Airall. The production is done by Women Of Antigua (WOA), a non-profit organization which incorporates the performing arts into its messages of awareness for violence against women and children and other worthy causes.

Ok… This should have just been an invite to the show but somehow my big head got in the way. It’s a good thing Charlton does not read this blog because my last comment (about my head) would have been confirmation. He’s likes to tell me my head is big – It’s a term of endearment. I’m sure you’re thinking; who in the “right-mind” would take a “big head” comment as a term of endearment? But it’s me (LOL – OMG). He would say… “Ya big head gyal. You na easy. See… the man just loves me :). But I think it’s my comeback that he loves more. Actually I think that does more for him than anything else. So we both get something out it. He kills me with kindness… Yes, kindness – It’s me not you – It works for me and I make him feel G R E A T! As in G R E A T! like that tiger on the Frosted Flakes cereal. Ahhh… What’s his name again? Ahh… I’m asking someone now. Ok, his name is Tony… Tony the Tiger. If you can make your man feel like Tony the Tiger… Wait for it…

… Unfortunately he can still leave you. Thought I was going to say something else right? 🙂 But he will want to come back – Then you won’t take him back – And he’ll not only regret it but he’ll forever be an ass (some people choose to call them donkeys) in search of the “Tiger feeling” :).

 OK… My head is finally out of the way for now…

The show is on May 28th (next Saturday), 8PM at the Multicultural Centre at Perry Bay. Tickets are $40. It’s all for a good cause folks. The funds raised will be donated to Cottage of Hope, a new foundation dedicated to at-risk girls in the country and the Amazing Grace Foundation.

Say you can come. I’ll bring wine. Oh yeah; I have this plan in my head that I’m going to organize a posse (when was the last time you heard that word?) and we’ll all sit together and I’ll bring wine and cheese or crackers (not sure if I can afford both cheese and crackers – may need a sponsor) and we’ll watch the show and get tipsy – And hopefully the person sitting beside me does not allow me to get drunk because I’m not much of a “drinker” and have never been drunk – And if I do, God knows what’s going to come out of my mouth.

Now I have to go remind Charlton who have already said that he would come with me but by now have conveniently forgotten.

Time to bring out my TonytheTigeresqueness 😉


2 Responses to "Discovering the Discovered with Tiger blood"

I am really happy that you are going to be featured. It could not happen to a more deserving person. I always read your blogs and I am only now commenting (took your advice). I think what you are doing will probably inspire others to be more open about things that they are going through with their children. Believe it or not sharing experiences often helps. Maybe another mother may be frustrated with certain things and just reading your comments may assit them in realising that “they are not alone” with certain issues.
Anyway enough of that let me get to the good part. You really killed me with those tiger comments and how “you make your man feel.” You nearly kill me. I was cracking up. I bet he feels like Tony the tiger.

I wish I could be there…..

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