People Who Have Problems in School Laugh at Signing Passports and Keeping up with Date-Nights… But we’re All Differently-Abled; Right? I MISS YOU GUYS :)

Posted on: July 19, 2011

So, I’ve been feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. But what is a bit of “overwhelmnation” – Just made that word up so don’t go googling it. I’m working on a project that I’m passionate about so if I have a few migraines, and near burn-out, it’s nothing compared to what I’m hoping this initiative will bring for me and many other parents. It’s a big fricking deal folks and it’s only the beginning.

I and a few other parents have formed a pressure group called ABILITY. The aim of our group is to influence the people who actually have the power to make decisions regarding Special Needs Education. So, yes, it includes the Ministry of Education and yes, the Government by extension so yes, politicians… All of them, whatever side they are on – So when they come to talk to talk to you make this a part of the discussion – And yes, without a doubt it includes you! We’re going to need support – And that has to come from you. And no, I’m not running for office but, “Yes we can!” Damit!

WHAT’S UP WITH SCHOOL?! Or should it be !?

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with Kuba’s schooling as of the new term. I know; it is right around the corner but trust me when I say, “I have to be in a better place before I can talk to you about this.” Because I AM MAD! And I’m at my “wits end”. BTW, I’ve always wanted to use that term… “Wits end”. We don’t know what we’re going to do and we need to figure something out quickly. I was telling a friend the other day that I feel like I’m running out of head space. I can (almost) think of nothing else but Kuba, his school woes and Special Needs Education generally. It’s driven me to tears one day plus my OCD is kicking in big-time. I’m serious… I swear I have OCD. I just haven’t been officially diagnosed. Hear this… I have to talk myself out of talking myself out of not saying something about special needs education to EVERYONE I talk to. Regardless of what we’re talking about it’s in there like a comma or exclamation point. If you have a shrink I can borrow I really need one. I don’t think there’s a law against that is there? I’m beginning to talk to myself… MUCH MORE, than I normally do.


I almost missed “date-night’ the other week. Charlton would have been crushed. We went to see a movie and I feel asleep (shhh, can’t let him know) I was sooo tired. He kept checking me asking if I was sleeping. My trick was to lift the arm rest on the chair, give him a kiss – Not the “get-a-room type” – And snuggle up to him… Yeah we’re still hot; falling asleep and all but whatever :). I was the one who came up with the whole date-night thing – Thought we weren’t spending much quality time with each other; with the exception of business meetings of course (LOL). Now Charlton has bought into it big time so you know I can’t slip-up too much because that would be bad, terrible for woman-kind.


We’re watching a rerun of the BET Awards and I’m singing me some Pattie Labelle oldies hitting all the high notes and then some. Charlton says…

Charlton: Wait, you can sing?

Me: What do you mean if I can sing? I sing to you all the time

Charlton: I don’t remember that – Because you know some people will sing and it sounds so annoying you want them to stop? I hate that

Me: So what are you trying to say?

Charlton: Nothing. I’m not saying that’s you… But if you’re singing to me and you sound annoying can I say stop? I can say stop right?

Whatever “big head” attitude I had about my vocal abilities just went out the door.


Charlton is renewing his passport… He completed the form so he’s now asking me about who he can get to sign his passport photos.

Charlton: Who can I get to sign the picture?

Me: Ahhh, I don’t know. Maybe you can get a police officer

Charlton: Who?

Me: I don’t know? Can’t you go any notary public?

Charlton: Ok

Me: Hey, BTW, I’m sure I can sign it

Charlton: Since when you’re a notary public?

Me: I don’t have to be but… I’m sure I can sign it

Charlton (Laughing): Oh Yes! I forgot you’re The Salma Crump. Isn’t that what they call you?

SIDE NOTE: “The” pronounced “thee”

I start cracking up. I can’t hold back the laughter

Charlton: You’re Right! Look how I have someone right here… “The Salma Crump” – And I’m fussing about who to get to sign the picture

I’m still laughing. He gets up and goes to the kitchen and comes back…

Charlton: “The Salma Crump”, are you ready to sign? BTW, are you in the same group as “The Gisel Isaac”?

Me: Man, the lady’s name is “D. Gisele Isaac” not “The Gisele”

Charlton: Oh… So you’re alone then

Me: You’re such an ass

It was the best laugh I had had all week. Folks are right you know… It’s good medicine.


I did something in bed the other day. CLOSE YOUR MOUTH! I wasn’t in a business meeting.

So, Charlton and I were lying in bed and I did something…

Charlton: Hey, what was that?

I’m laughing…

Charlton: Because that’s no amateur move

SIDE NOTE: I swear it’s on the upper-level people. Get your mind out the gutter – LOL

Me: What’s that supposed to mean? How do you know what’s amateur and what’s professional? Explain yourself

Charlton: I’m just saying… No, I’m asking you what that was. I’ve never seen you do that before

Me: Really… That’s what you’re saying?

Charlton: Do it again… PLEEEASSSEE!

Me: Chups (Whatever)

SIDE NOTE: Moving forward I will be (as much as possible) translating my dialect for my international visitors and subscribers to come – LOL. So although it’s difficult to put “chups” in a word, the best I could come up with is “whatever”.


6 Responses to "People Who Have Problems in School Laugh at Signing Passports and Keeping up with Date-Nights… But we’re All Differently-Abled; Right? I MISS YOU GUYS :)"

Salma I am very proud and touched by your efforts (and the others) to commence ABILITY. It is a great and worthy venture. As I said to you sometime ago, this is a journey with many steps (some big, some small), as old people say ‘take your time walk fast’ to avoid being prematurely burn out. I want to see ABILITY growing and making a difference for a long time to come, it may well be inspiration for other pressure groups of different interests.

I really like Babara’s comment to you, it is really inspirational and to let you know what you are thinking now is impossible, is possible.

In your journey of raising Kuba, it is ok to feel despair, to cry, to bawl out your eyes, to let snat lol run down your nose, it all helps to let you get over the current disappointment. When that happens, when you are finish sobbing, wipe your face (now dont wipe the snat all over your face), so wash your face then lol, gain some strength and trod along the journey again even stronger.

Last and most importantly, remember the Almighty has an open communication line, ensure you use it daily.

Thanks for your “gross” support. Just kidding 🙂 It means alot to me to have the love and support of the readers here. THANKS!

SC what did u do in bed :-). Every child is special and NEEDS special attention special education. You and Kuba are a blessing to each other. Daily I see so many children crying out for just a little special attention but we are all failing them. I am confident that Kuba is in great hands ‘Jah na do nuttin and spoil it’ I know you will feel overwhelm you feel like crying out in frustration. But hon what don’t kill you makes you stronger and I think a better person if we le
arn meanwhile. I have three boys that brings different joys and different frustration. Sometimes my heart swells with pride, at other times I very scared of what can happen to them but that feeling doesn’t last I can’t make it last I pray put my trust in and have faith in our Creator positive that Jah will protect them and see them through there many obstacles the will face once they also learn to trust him and call on him. So in all your teaching teach Kuba about our Creator teach him to pray let him know Jah will never fail.

SC if you need I be there just holla hon love you and Kuba. Typing on my phone hope it came out good:-)

Thanks for the love and support Sensi {}

Hey Salma,

just to let u know that with lots of prayers and dedication Kuba would be just great. Look at Ghere. even though we never got him officially tested as his mother i know he has his challenges. he passed his exam to attend SJA in September and more so he passed common entrance for AGS.

I was sick for a week and prior to that i had traveled so now that am on my feet I noticed some holes in the wall in my bedroom (entering my bathroom) and in the door frame. So I called all the children but looking at him, I said who did this. I asked him y , he shrugged his shoulders he didn’t know. I said u need to stop u r going to be 12.

In fact, when the Common Entrance results came out, pple congratulated him and he was so embarrassed. At home we just don’t talk about it. we actually use it back at him to remind him that
he can no longer do the things that he used to do. but how can he not do them, then he won’t be my Ghere.

I remember when we were studying I said, don’t u want to pass in the top 100. His response was with all the children on the island (looking very amazed, I might add) I said yes Ghere you can do it and he just calmly said ok (in a matter of fact tone)

what am saying as a mother seriously do your thing, do all that you can do and you (Kuba) will reap the reward.

Thanks Barbara! Your comment brought tears to my eyes. Actually it’s full blown crying now – But that’s ok. There’s nothing wrong with tears. It means a lot to me, you sharing your experience with Ghere – And congrats to him. Your family must be so proud. You’re right; prayer and dedication go hand-in-hand. This can be so overwhelming sometimes… The vigilance – And my crusade to change things. I hope others don’t stop praying for us either. Thanks again.

P.S. My nose is running now. You’ve really started the water-works. They’re not tears of weakness though 🙂

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