Mecat, Meow, Medead

Posted on: August 11, 2011

It was bound to happen folks – Just in case you’re trying to reach me and can’t, I’m now residing at Her Majesty’s Prison. I’m not able to tell you the cell number because most things are not sinking in. Now I’m over-hearing two prison officers talking about transferring me to Clarevue Psychiatric Hospital. And I have to admit, that’s where I need to be.

Ok… That was just the dream I had last night.

So what happened you’re wondering? This is what really happened; the harsh reality.

I’VE KILLED AGAIN! I was involved in a “hit-and-run” – And I was the driver – And I didn’t stop – I actually drove faster and didn’t stop until I was far from the scene of the accident. You thought the mongoose situation was funny (and I was just beginning to get over it) but this time I’ve really messed up. I don’t think I can get out of this one :(. This involved a young adult. I’m sure he must have been at least 18 or 20 – Right in his prime. I’ve robbed them of their future. I can’t imagine what the parents are going through right now.

It all happened so fast. I started slowing down then it looked like he was going to stop so I continued – Then he just darted across the road. So I’m trying to make myself deaf. I know; how the hell do you do that? Make yourself deaf. But I was sure trying because I couldn’t bear hearing that familiar sound. It was PURE PANIC! My heart was about to leap out of my chest and I wanted to throw-up.

I know… Based on what happened with the… I can’t even say it… No… I can’t say it – But you know…

I thought I could talk to my mom about it. What a huge mistake that was.

So who did I kill?


I, Salma Crump murdered a cat. And by the rate at which I’m going, the animal kingdom should be afraid of me.

My deepest sympathy goes out to the family of Tom and all the cat lovers out there 😦

SIDE NOTE: If you can’t be supportive and come from a place of love, please don’t comment. I’m ok with that


8 Responses to "Mecat, Meow, Medead"

Note to self: tether all animals from you-know-who…even fish!

Remember I feel just as bad as the animal. I would even say worse since the animal is dead.

ok I don’t think you are in the wrong here….it is very clear that this creature wanted to commit suicide….you stated it looked like he was changing his mind but then proceeded

SC should I go to Transport Board to report you…..Once is an accident but twice hmmm. BTW I have some pest in the form of mongoose on my farm that I need knocking down :-)….Love you girl

Please let me know anytime you are driving, I dont want to be walking my dog at the same time. So it was a baby first, now an adult male around 18 – 20 yrs old, next time will it be a senior citizen? lol lol. You deserve to rot in jail or at the pyschiatric hospital.

Making yourself deaf?….OMG….lololol .Did you start waving your hands like a crazy person, close your eyes and say Jesus take the wheel…lolol…

I’m at a loss for words……….. you’re always in my prayers….

Girl u r killing! Rotfl! When is visting hrs got to come visit and if u do get transfered to Clarevue let me know….I have a Dr friend up there! *wink*

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