Happy Mashed Potato with Carrots & The Assville People

Posted on: August 22, 2011


He had the fated meal today for lunch. It would be my ‘plentieth” time trying it and or something similar and he never ate. This morning on a whim (me and these words… when was the last time you said “whim”) I decided to try it. He’s by his aunt today and I forgot to mention it to her when I dropped him off. I totally expected him not to eat it.

I’m at the office talking to a friend and telling her that tonight I’m looking forward to about 4 to 5 hours at the dinner table with Kuba – Trying to get him to eat some food. This would be leftovers from the night before when he kept a spoonful of rice and peas in his mouth for over an hour. It was getting late and I was not in the mood to continue and neither was he (obviously) so I told him to go brush his teeth and go to bed. And he was only too willing to oblige.

SIDE NOTE: Guys… We’re keeping too much shit in these kid’s rooms. They’re happy to go there. What did you say mom… Go to Disneyland? Ok. Hi Mickey, Hi Garfield… See you in the morning mom 🙂

So just when I’m telling her about my upcoming quality time (NOT) with Kuba tonight is when I remember him and the surprise lunch waiting for him. Its way past lunch now and I call to find out if he ate it…

Aunt: Hi, are you coming to pickup Kuba now?

Me: No, I was just calling to find out if he ate his lunch

Aunt: Now… Kuba ate everything already (She laughing)

Me: Yeah?

Aunt: Yes

Me: I didn’t think he was going to eat it. I gave him mashed potatoes with carrot

Aunt: Oh, I thought it was cheese

Me: No, It’s carrot

Aunt: Oh, that’s why he kept looking at it and saying “This is gross”

Me: Yeah? (Laughing)

Aunt: He was saying, “This is gross” (Laughing)

Me: This is good. I’m so happy

I call my friend back to tell her the good news. She was happy for me, I was happy, Kuba was happy; his stomach was full with this gross stuff. Happiness was in the air. SIDE NOTE: I should have known to quit with the calling while I was happy.  But no. I decided to call Charlton – You know, in hindsight I should have known better. Kuba’s eating habits in usually a contentious issue. So I call…

Me: Guess what happened?

Charlton: What?

Me: Kuba ate mashed potatoes with carrot today

Charlton: From who?

SIDE NOTE: This is where the conversation should have ended. But noooo… You see if it was the other way around (him calling me) then damn-straight I would want to know “From who?” But since I’m the… Wait a minute… What am I? Ahhh, whatever… Since I’m “me”… Anyway back to the convo…

Me: I cooked it this morning. I was going to do the plain mash potato then just decided to mash a carrot with it

Charlton: You see… I told you. You just need to give it to him and he’ll eat it

 SIDE NOTE: Lex Luther what did you do with my Clark Kent? Because this man I’m talking to appears to be returning from Assville and not Smallville. I could have sworn that he was there when I was sitting around the dinner table for 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 hours trying to feed this kid. When I spend 3times the amount on wheat or gluten free pasta, when I try to sneak beet juice in his fruit juice, when I shave carrots in his mac and cheese, put peas in there, put corn in there, put peas and corn and carrot in there – When I make him mash green bananas and he always says no to it but once he tastes it he loves it – and that this is the “plentieth” time that I’m putting carrot in his mash potato and he never ate it and that I’ve tried with beets and not even I would eat that LOL :). Anyway

Me: It’s not as easy as it sounds coming out of your mouth

Charlton: I keep telling you that if you don’t buy it he won’t eat it and he won’t ask for it if it’s not there

Me: You’re talking as if I buy a lot of junk for Kuba. Why don’t you try sitting around the table with him to get him to eat something he doesn’t like

Charlton: When a man is hungry he will eat. I keep telling you to just give him the food. If he doesn’t eat it then you just put it up and when he’s hungry again he’ll have to eat that first

SIDE NOTE: Yeah, I know what you’re thinking… Salma, done de canvasation (finish the conversation).  Ladies and gentlemen regardless of what this imposter might lead you to believe, “I’ve been there, done that”.

Me: I called you to…

Charlton: What are you saying? I killed your excitement?

Me: Yes. I don’t want to talk about this anymore. We’ll talk later

Charlton: I didn’t mean to… (I interrupt him)

Me: We’ll talk later KILL JOY

SIDE NOTE: Didn’t actually say the “KILL JOY” part of it but I wanted to… I should have. I mean damn! Now I have to consider; should I go to Smallville (you know that’s where Lex is from right?) to find my Clark Kent or should I go to Assville to get reacquainted with the townsfolk there? LOL 🙂

P.S. I don’t think Garfield lives at Disney. Now I think about it he wouldn’t get along with Mickey.


2 Responses to "Happy Mashed Potato with Carrots & The Assville People"

I finally got Aidan to eat peas yesterday, don’t know when it will happen again….so I am feeling your joy

lol Charlton sounds like Mark if you don’t buy it, it won’t be there for them to eat lol. HOOORRRAAAAAYYYYYY for you SC I’m celebrating with you..these small things are really big accomplishments granted what you’ve been through b4 with Kuba’s eating habits. Well done.

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