UPDATED: KY Jelly Crack Burger

Posted on: October 6, 2011

Remember the other day I told you about my virgin burger experience: KY Jelly Crack Burger

Now this morning, woke up with burger recipes on my mind. This obsession is getting out of hand but I can’t stop myself. But I’m thinking by the time I get finished talking about Burger BLAST they might decide to hire me and pay me in burgers – And that would be so worth it.

Name this Burger
Put in a few slices of avocado
Pineapple… Not the canned stuff because hello… We live in the land of pineapple… I think. What is it again? Is there some slogan about Antigua and pineapples? Anyway there’s a place in the south (please tell me I’m getting at least that right) with a huge pineapple farm so we shouldn’t be eating the canned stuff. But if that’s all you have I’ll still take it 🙂
Bacon… Done crispy. It’s hard to screw bacon up
Onions… Preferably sautéed and mushrooms too. A burger without onions is not a burger.
Tomatoes and Cucumber, Lettuce is optional
Secret Sauce – Every restaurant is supposed to have a secret sauce or two. So if you’re buying your secret sauce at the supermarket don’t let a chatter-box employee see you pouring it out in another bottle.

Next Recipe…

The REAL HAMburger
Ham… The one cooked mainly at Christmas not from the can
Sweet Pepper
Shut up (lol)
Anything else you can think of
All in a Brownie bread

Now I’m hungry…


1 Response to "UPDATED: KY Jelly Crack Burger"

Just one big “pork” fest… lol

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