Back in Business

Posted on: October 24, 2011

So I’ve been home 100% with Kuba for the past 2 weeks. It’s actually supposed to be a vacation but not the “leave-me-the-hell-alone” kind. 

I’ve taken some time off so I could focus on Kuba’s learning until we find a suitable tutor for him. This time off couldn’t have come at a better time. I was this close (I’m doing the finger action – Not that one! I’m gonna pray for you – LOL) to:

Telling someone off – And the potential for this being a random person was very high, which would have been hard to explain

Stripping at the office; this would lead to a possible lockdown at Clarevue, press, possible pictures on Facebook. 

I even started wearing matching underwear every day, you know; just in case… Made sure the panties were mom approved. Ask your mom if you don’t know. Charlton says he’s worried about me. 

I was one stressed-out and angry woman. Some may see this as the description for many women these days but that wasn’t me. Since I’ve been home with Kuba I’m much happier – Everybody is happier. Regular business meetings have resumed – Charlton’s taking minutes. Yeah… Everybody’s happy 🙂 ! Our “normal” has changed a little bit but that’s how the story goes sometimes. 

OMG! I have a joke to give you… It’s not so much ha ha ha but… 

So we placed an ad in the paper looking for a tutor for Kuba and I got so many calls. And one of them goes like this… 

1st Call

Caller: Hi, I’m calling about the job in the paper 

Me: Oh good! Yada, yada, yada – Give her my email address and ask her to send me a resume


2nd Call (same caller) 

Caller: Hi, it’s (So-and-So – Like I’m going to tell you who it is). Can you give me your email address again? I sent my resume (she pronounced it resume, as in “resume work”) and it did not go through

My mouth is open. I’m like shock-ED like some would say (LOL) for what felt like minutes but only a second 

Me: Oh, it’s yada, yada, yada. I’ll respond once I receive it

We hang-up 

Me (to myself): REALLY! Did I just hear right? 


3rd Call (same caller) 

Caller: Hi, it’s… (I’m still not telling you). I was calling to see if you got the resume (again, pronounced it resume, as in “resume work”) 

Me (thinking to myself): OMG! She said it again so it wasn’t a mistake. I’m going to correct her – But instead what came out was… 

Me: Yeah, I got it… Thanks. Just about to respond – I’ll follow-up with you soon 

Ahhh…Why didn’t I just tell her! I could have said; “Yeah, I received your resume (pronounced correctly). And then she would have known. 

So I’m telling a friend about it and she says; “You should tell her”.

Me: I know, I want to but it’s not coming out. I will… Definitely, next time 

By now she’s stalking me (got a Facebook Friend Request the other day. What’s up with that? I don’t know you) so I knew there was going to be a next time 

And she calls again… 

And she says it again… 

And I do nothing…Again 

SIDE NOTE: You know when you know there’s been an accident or a death under the armpit of the stranger standing next to you. And you want to say something because they seem like a nice person but you can’t bring yourself to say anything so you grin and you bear it – And choke on it and cough and sometimes even fake sneeze and make believe you’re having an allergy attack. Don’t judge me. 

By the way, I’m not giving you the full length of the conversations only the bits that relate. 

Here’s another one – This one is more, “OMG, What the hell is wrong with you?” laugh. 

Me: Hi, this is Salma 

Caller: I’m calling about the ad in the paper 

Me: Ok great! (I then went on to tell her a bit about Kuba and where we are) 

Caller: Oh – I actually have experience taking care of seniors so this is definitely something I can do 

Me: Say what? What would make you think that? NOTE: I did not think this. I said it. 

Caller: It’s like the same thing 

Me: I think you may be getting this mixed up with something else. I’m not looking for someone to babysit him. Teach… work… This is serious 

SIDE NOTE: Not that I’m saying working with seniors isn’t work but what the hell was coming out of her mouth? 

She said something after this but I don’t remember. I was done with the conversation by then. Like… You’re going to apply for a job you’re not too sure of… GOOGLE THE DAMN THING OR YOU BETTER ASK SOMEBODY! Tell a friend. 

If you know of anyone who may be suitable as a tutor please ask them to send an email to


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