What We Did Last…No not summer – Just Last Week

Posted on: October 30, 2011

I don’t stop to enjoy “what is” often enough. So on Wednesday this week Kuba and I wrapped up early and went to the beach (he’d been asking to go since the day before) to let it all hang out. No, we’re not naked! I hope you weren’t picturing Kuba… You perv! But if you’re picturing me… Thanks :)… I think.

Earlier in the day we did:

Art: Mostly coloring. For the past few weeks he’s insisted on drawing Garfield and the things Garfield eats. By the way if I haven’t mentioned this a hundred times before; Garfield is one of his favorite cartoon. During coloring he got up to go spell the things he was coloring on the fridge. I didn’t ask him to do this but it’s such a part of how we teach him that it becomes natural. If he draws Garfield he has to spell it and the lasagna, the hotdog, the donut, the pizza – By the way Garfield eats just about everything – He has to spell them.

There was some time spent doing some Math as well. Our focus for the past couple of weeks has been subtraction. I’m trying to be creative but I’m not sure how creative you can get with an abacus. He’s just beginning to get the concept of “zero”. The other day he figured out a problem to which the answer was zero and he said to me; “Mom… nothing, zero, squat, nada!” Guess who he picked that up from? It was unintentional but it stuck. I hope the tutor we get has a sense of humor.

We also made some Rice Krispies Treats. I’m sure you’re wondering what that has to do with learning. But he had to get the ingredients, read the recipe and says what goes in first, then next etc. Then I got a chance to ask him questions (we’re working on his comprehension skills). Also not sure what one has to do with the other but Kuba’s been asking about going trick or treating for about 2 weeks now and singing some strange Halloween song. Last year he went (not in our neighborhood) and he loved it. So I told Charlton that I’m thinking about approaching the neighbors about organizing a trick or treat day in the area. And so it goes…

Me: Have you heard Kuba asking about trick or treat for the longest time now?

Charlton: Yeah. Who did he hear talking about that?

Me: I don’t know. He’s probably seeing the commercials on TV. I’m thinking about going around to the neighbors to talk to them about organizing one.

Charlton: What?

Me: Maybe we can organize something in the area

Charlton: What?

Me (thinking): If you ask me what again you’re not going to like my answer

Charlton: Isn’t that when kids go from house to house begging candy?

Me: Begging. They go from house to house with an adult and they’re given candy – They’re not begging

Charlton: I don’t care what you say – It’s begging

Me: Chups (Translation: Whatever)

Charlton: You don’t have nothing else to do? How you come up with these things? Please don’t go and tell anybody about no trick or treat please

Me: What’s wrong with that?

Charlton: It’s not our culture and you’re putting people in expense

Me (being all “heady”): Partaking in someone else’s culture doesn’t mean you’ve forgotten yours

Charlton: Oh lord! Ease off of those vibes (Translation: Don’t do this)

Me: What expense are you talking about by the way? It’s just candy

Charlton: Mek people luan (Translation: Leave people alone)

Me (thinking): I’m still going to do it. Only because this is community-spirit at its best and I want to be ready when he realizes this. I swear… That’s the only reason. I’m doing it for him!

Other stuff that happened…

Kuba initiated a game of hide-and-seek with his cousin Destinee. Out of nowhere he says to her, “Destinee let’s play hide-and-seek.” She agrees. Of course like any other kid he wants to hide first So she goes in the bathroom to count and he goes under the bed. Destinee is in the bathroom counting loudly and he hears her and joins in. She comes into the bedroom and Kuba is under the bed saying, “Playing hide-and-seek, playing hide-and-seek” over and over again. If she didn’t know where he was she sure does now. Destinee looks under the bed and he shouts, “You found me!” Like… News flash; you were practically calling her name. You see, Kuba has come such a long way with therapy but I’ve never seen him initiate play like this. No one prompted him; the game wasn’t being played by any other kids. It was just all on his own steam.

Momma is sooooo HAPPY! I just wanted to say “Do it again!” ‘Do it again!”

Kuba also told his first joke (with little prompting). He got it from this YouTube video:

I’ve since banned him from these videos – He’s found so many of them and I’ve done some research and some are not kid-friendly and the Parental Controls on his laptop are not picking them up. Anyway the joke is:

What did the orange say to the tomato?

Hey Tomato

Good to see you

I was hoping we could… Catch-up (Ketchup)

And the laughter that follows… His own being the loudest – As a matter of fact he can barely contain himself while telling you. And his laugh is so infectious that you find yourself laughing without hearing the full joke. SIDE NOTE: I think he gets that from me :).

So… That’s a bit of what we did last week. If I tell you anymore I will have to kill you.

By the way; I’m looking for some ideas of places we can take Kuba on field-trips. Anyone…?


3 Responses to "What We Did Last…No not summer – Just Last Week"

I really enjoyed reading this post. So happy for you and your son with the progress that he’s been making. Your writing style is also wonderful, thanks for sharing snippets of your life with us 🙂

Concerning places to go, things to do may I suggest visiting historical sites – I used to make into a bit of an outing for my lil bro, taking him to the museum, shirley’s heights, etc and discussing things like the purposes they were built, historical importance, articles/artifacts on display.

I always tried to make it fun and exciting so we were ‘homeland tourists’ You never know, maybe Kuba would like an outing like that with you too.

@ Linisa, thanks for the link – sounds like a place I have to pay a visit as well.

Wonderful Salma, you are defintely doing something right 🙂 …. Big up yourself Kuba! In relation to that trick-n-beg thing I am in agreement with the ‘daddy’ …….. ‘You naw hab nuthin else for do?’ ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

About the field trips there is an animal and nature park out country that I think you should try. I personally visited the place and loved it. Here is the article I wrote about it ;

So you’re against community spirit I see too 🙂

Thanks for the tip on the park. Someone else told me about it so we really have to check it out. Good story… Felt like I was there with you.

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