Leave It to Kuba

Posted on: November 12, 2011

The search is over! The search is over! The search is over!

Finally we’ve found someone! If I have to spell it out then; “Don’t come back here!” Totally kidding 🙂

So you know we’ve been looking for a home-school teacher from Kuba and… “We’ve finally found her!” I’m so relieved you have no idea. Please pray for us that it works out. I have a good gut-feeling that it will though. She starts on Monday.

In case you’re wondering if this will stop the work I’ve been doing lobbying for more to be done with regards to Special Needs Education in Antigua & Barbuda. NEVER! It’s too much a part of me now. As you know I along with some other parents started the lobby group ABILITY and we’ve been doing a lot of work creating awareness of how important it is for the system to change – Actually to have a total revamp of the educational system as it relates to Special Needs. But we still need your support.

Onto to other stuff that happened…

Looks like I’ll have to put the Fire Dept. on speed dial.

So… Kuba is playing chef and I’m relaxing in the bed. SIDE NOTE: I’m now thinking that he may become a chef. Before I was thinking a rock star – Or maybe he’ll be a rock star chef (get it, LOL). You know; so he’ll tour with his band in the summer and tape his hit Food Network show in the fall. And he’ll get invited to all the Food Network galas – And he’ll invite his parents but Charlton won’t go because he can be antisocial sometimes (OMG he’s going to kill me for that comment – But remember, look in the freezer. I will be in a Ziploc bag disguised as pork). You never know, he may have gotten some ideas here.

Anyway back to Kuba (the rock star chef) getting invited to the Food Network galas and I’m going as his date because he doesn’t have a serious girlfriend and he wants to share this special moment with his mom because he doesn’t have a serious girlfriend and I’ve been so instrumental in him becoming a rock star chef with you know; my encouragement and support. And SHUT UP! I don’t  care what you’re thinking right now. Just let me enjoy my side note:). But can you imagine! I get to rub shoulders with all those hottie-tottie male chefs. AWWWSOME!

Actually Kuba will sometimes ask to watch Food Network or Cooking Channel.

I was telling you something right?

So Fire Department… Speed Dial… Yes…

So I’m lying in my bed and he’s bringing me all these make-believe dishes. Then I don’t see him coming for a while and I don’t hear anything for a while. The I hear… Beeeep! In case you’re wondering what that was –It’s the microwave just finishing. Kuba and are home alone; so unless there’s a ghost who loves to cook…

I get up quickly just in time to see him on the counter top, plate in hand and trying  to close the microwave door. I shout… “Kuba! What are you doing? ”SIDE NOTE: Why do we do that? I know what he’s doing or actually what he’s done. He knows it too.

He turns around, looks at me with a frown on his face and says…

Kuba: What the heck is going on here? (As if he was the one that caught me red-handed).

SIDE NOTE: You see, the thing is he knows that what he said is appropriate for someone to say in the situation – And based on how the phrase (What the heck is going on here?) was learned he’s anticipating it being said – He doesn’t fully understand that he shouldn’t be the one saying it – But instead of waiting for that to happen he says it. By the way he must have picked up that “heck” thing on TV because we never say that. But I’m about to use it now…

Me: You tell me what the heck is going on here! You know you’re not supposed to use the microwave. That’s dangerous! Ask somebody!

Kuba: Ask somebody!

SIDE NOTE: Remember me telling you about something called echolalia? It’s pretty much when he repeats something that was said to him instead of responding to the question. He’s gotten alot better with this but it’s still there.

Me: Arrrggghhh

Kuba: Mom, look… Fries, ketchup and ham-and-burger! (He doesn’t say hamburger. He says ham-and-burger)

Me: Kuba! (I now see what’s actually in the plate) This is dangerous. This could start a fire

Kuba: Oh no! A fire!

Ladies and gentlemen… I’m sure you would like to know about the state of affairs with the fries, ketchup and hamburger?


The fries… Yellow clothes pins

The ketchup… Red clothes pins

And… Wait for it…

The burger… Fake plastic bread from a kitchen set we bought him a few years ago. And the meat is wooden alphabet blocks. The paint off the blocks started melting so they’re now stuck together.

Kuba: Hey mom. Help me please (He’s now trying to get down off the counter-top and obviously don’t want to spill his fries, ketchup and ham-and-burger)

Now tell me…


9 Responses to "Leave It to Kuba"

I’m glad you found someone. Perfect timing too. Fingers and legs crossed.

I wonder when he will be able to cook a nice pork rice with cockle (plenty) in it lol.

Go Kuba!!! SC let him continue to help you in the kitchen, a woman like to have partner who can/loves to cook lol (hush sensi). Its very good he can identify different foods in his own way. I guess they were not in the microwave for too long, else you would have had a melting party.

Iron Chef is one of my favourite tv shows, hmmmm Iron Chef Kuba hmmmm.

Tell Chef Rockstar I want a fish burger :- ). I’m praying she is the one.

Tell Chef Rockstar I want a fish burger 🙂

If you’re comfortable eating a (mostly blue) multi-colored fish – The origin of which I have no idea, then consider it done! 🙂

I think he did pretty well!! He’s been able to identify things in his world that represent the food he wants to cook, rather than just having imaginary stuff. Pretty Cool. Maybe he’l l be a chef…”Cooking with Kuba” sounds good!!

I understand your panic about the microwave though.

My suggestion: If he is really serious about cooking you won’t be able to stop him, no matter how you scream, yell and threaten. So, if you have not done so already, let him help you when you are cooking. That way you can teach him the right way as well as the precautions to take. If you tell him you will allow him to cook something by himself when he is twelve, then you have three years to prepare him, repeating the same precautions every day. He’ll get it.

Can’t wait to sample his first dish. Now I’m getting ahead of myself.

Sounds like a plan. He’s already helping out sometimes so we have a good head-start.

Had Kuba repeat “Help me please” with everything at school, I can hear him saying it. 🙂

He’s come such as long way and we have many people to thank for that. THANK YOU! We miss you! 🙂

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