Must Love (AT LEAST) Two Men

Posted on: March 16, 2012

So, I’m not a big Valentines fan – And by the way it’s not because I don’t get anything. Well; yes it is (LOL) but I was never really that into it, even when I was getting the whole shebang.

This past Valentine’s Day Charlton didn’t even remember. Or so he claims. His car was in the shop so I took him to work… SIDE NOTE: Sharing a car with your man… Well! That’s all I will say.

So we’re in the car and he’s ignoring me. We’re coming up to a hitchhiker… If I’m alone I don’t usually pick up hitchhikers, unless I absolutely know them, their parents and their creditors. With him it’s…

Charlton: I’m going to give that guy a ride

Me (in the few seconds before we get to the hitchhiker): Who is he? Do you know him?

Charlton: Yes FBI. And even if I tell you, you still won’t know who he is. It’s ok…

We pick up the guy and drop him off…

We’re alone now… SUKI! SUKI! 😉

He’s driving and I’m rubbing his leg and sometimes his head. We’re listening to NICE FM and I’m singing some sunshine song… Directly to the man ladies and gentlemen – And smiling – And you know… When I talk about smiling its SMILING! No reaction! He’s ignoring me… PROPER!

We get to the parking lot…

He’s getting out the car…

Me: Happy Valentine’s Day hon

Charlton: Wait; today is Valentine’s Day?

Me (thinking): This must be payback from me putting the piggy-bank funDS in a restricted account the night before. I have to tell you; I was a little bit wounded. Anyway, I don’t care about Valentine’s Day. It’s only one day. And obviously Charlton has taken me seriously with my “I don’t care about Valentine’s Day story”, which I really don’t by the way…

He gives me the usual kiss. No tongue-action… NOTHING!

Whatever… I know what I said… Don’t remind me

Charlton leaves and I start climbing into the driver’s seat. I do this all the time – I don’t want to get out the car and walk around. The same time a guy is just pulling into the parking lot and I flashed him my morning, afternoon and probably evening too. SIDE NOTE: Me thinking… Well… at least I’ve just made somebody’s Valentines.

Anyway; fast forward to later that day.

I get home from the office. Kuba goes directly to the kitchen. He’s been talking about toast for the entire ride home.

SIDE NOTE: That’s a characteristic that you sometimes find with people on the autism spectrum – They get fixated on particular topic and will talk about it incessantly. What you need to do is not to cut the conversation short or stop talking to them – After all you don’t want to stop conversation, you want to encourage it but on different topics. So you will need to teach them how to. What I do with Kuba is… I just change the subject to another topic that I know he likes. Saying… “Don’t talk about the Lion King Broadway musical anymore”, does not work. Trust me… I know. Been there, done that, sometimes still do it. The trouble is what to do when he’s outside his circle. He’s now more and more beginning to initiate conversations with others and we need to work on his icebreaker. Going up to someone and saying… “Hey, would you like some toast, with butter and cheese?” is not cutting it. By the way, a grilled cheese sandwich is one of his favorites. I’m now thinking about making him some cue cards (read about it somewhere online) with a picture of something that he knows about and likes with perhaps a few associated words on the back. So he would keep about 2 or 3 of them in his pocket for him to use as a reminder. Now when I’m done with that I will then have to work on him actually taking them out of his pocket – LOL. I guess I will have to tell whoever he will be interacting with to prompt him to take one from his pocket. Motherhood is just GRRREAAATTT!

Anyway; so back to where I was…

Kuba heads to the kitchen and I head to my bedroom.

The lights are off… I see something sparkling in the middle of the bed.

My first thought…

I thought we said no gifts for VDay?! OMG! I didn’t get him anything!

2nd thought…

I banished that thought completely from my mind. SIDE NOTE: A few years ago Charlton bought me negligee for VDay and I don’t know what the hell he was thinking when he bought me that – And he was with a friend too. Can you imagine? I told myself at the time that it must have been the friend who encouraged him to buy it. And I know… That is a whole other story for another time. By the way I’m not against him getting me a negligee – But buy *sudden (translation: *something) that can lift and squeeze (gently) and camouflage. I don’t care… Don’t judge me. At least I kept it so that should count for something. Shouldn’t it? SIDE NOTE in Side Note: *Dis might cause wan lef (Translation: *This may cause a breakup) because Charlton can be very sensitive when it comes to these things – He wants you to LOVE LOVE LOVE everything he buys. Anyway, unless you’re going to take my place when he’s giving the “It’s not you it’s me” talk then let me say no more. LMAO

3rd and every other thought after that…
I’m doing a mental check of all of Kuba’s art supplies. Bet your ass I’m going to outdo him if it’s a card on that bed. *People go tark bout dis card yah! (Translation: *People will be talking about this card!)SIDE NOTE: I know you’re thinking I’m shallow right now but… BIG YAWN… 🙂

By the way I think I should tell you (ONLY because it’s the right thing to do) that at this point I still don’t quite know yet what’s on the bed – The room is still dark.

SIDE NOTE: I guess my mom is onto something when she calls us the “Drama Family”. I’m Drama Queen. Kuba is, not Drama Prince but Prince of Drama. She’s stopped short (at least out loud) of giving Charlton a royal title but…

Anyway I turn on the lights and see one of the most outlandish, tacky, big red bow *dat somebady haffu tief fram wan ALP campaign affice* BUT best Valentine’s Day card ever made! (Translation: *that someone stole from an ALP campaign office*)

And who was the card from…?

My one and only *bruk-packet* (Translation: *broke-pocket* – My pocket BTW), love to eat out, think that every supermarket we drive by that we must go in, up until recently only wanted ice-cream from Australian Homemade and would go out with others (my mom included) who would then ask us if me and my man have conversation about the status of their pocket with our CHILD otherwise known as Kuba – Who I love more than anything else and understand the love for Australian Homemade but respect the Sunshine all the same 🙂

I took up the card went out to the kitchen where Kuba was…

Me: Kuba, you made this card for mom?

Kuba: Yes… Happy Valentine’s Day mom! I love you!

My heart melts…

What did I think about Valentine’s Day again?

Oh, I remember… It helps to have more than one man in your life 🙂


14 Responses to "Must Love (AT LEAST) Two Men"

I know you are busy and all that, buy why you let your fans wait nearly two months for a post?

I know you are a busy mom/woman, but why you have your fans hanging…waited almost two months for a post. Don’t do that again!

Awesome post Salma… U have me cracking up!

Very sweet SC………..I need to get me another man to love lol

Awww honey!!! This is so sweet. I guess you are saying that there are several joys in being a mom (smile).

Hmmm… Thinking 🙂 LOL

Aaahhh! How sweet (teary-eyed)!

That made me smile…………

Aaaaahhhhhh!! So cute. Two men to love at least ………………….. (tounge in cheek). lol

You just made me laugh and cry. It truly does pay to havee more than one man in the house. That was beyond sweet.

Yeah… It balances things out 🙂

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