Who Let The Dogs Out? Sheesh!

Posted on: August 20, 2012

The last time I went to carnival was in ’09. I took Kuba to see the troupes. It was just the two of us so I decided that we would go directly to the Recreation Grounds where we could sit and watch – Didn’t want to take any chances in the large crowds on the street.

So we get up in the stand (Vivian Richards) and are about to take our seat then Kuba begins to cry and tug my hand wanting to leave. I’m now trying to figure out what is wrong because I can’t pick up on any cues and he’s not telling me. I’m now trying to force him to sit down. I had this all figured out in my head. We would come, get some popcorn, sit and watch the troupes on stage and then we would leave. Simple! There was no plan B.

No amount of popcorn would make him settle down. Yes, I did that… And yes, I thought more popcorn would change his emotional state. Don’t judge me.

Anyway, he just kept tugging at me saying, “Let’s go.” Then I started wondering if it was the height (we were on the second tier) that was bothering him… Little did I know.

I give in and we come down off the stand. Kuba held onto my hand and kept tugging me, leading the way to the field. Then he shouts; “Mom… Look!” Then I spot…

The Bounce Castle… House of Dollars and Sense! Where parents spend plenty money and the kids never have enough and want you to spend like you have no sense.

The dots are connecting. I’ve been bamboozled with one of the oldest trick in the book. Shame on me…

So… I go buy a roll of tickets like I own the dam place… SIDE NOTE: I think I know all the bounce castle owners in the country – And they know me because of Kuba. He loves this thing; all the different ones and somewhere in his mind he thinks we own it… Has to be – He does not want to come off. Never go on a bounce castle when attempting to get a kid off. It’s a trap. Memories, like the corners of my mind… LOL

Kuba gets on; by the way, he did a pretty good job of waiting in line. And he’s sliding and bouncing and sliding some more and bouncing plenty. We take a break. Yeah, like a football game… We take breaks. I take him to get some water and more popcorn. He gets a blow-up toy balloon too. I’m using a clutch that day – Remember, I should have been sitting my ass down in a seat somewhere. I let go of his hand for what to me was like a second – Hand the money over for the popcorn and stuff – Turn around and… Kuba was gone.


I never thought this would happen to me. SIDE NOTE: There are only a few people that I would leave Kuba with and when I did I would sometimes tell them that if they let anything happen to my child while in their care that they should just kill themselves. I know… It’s a horrible, horrible thing to say. Just horrible! But I said it. Have never said this to my mom though… There would be no blog, no “The Salma Crump” – LOL. But they know I don’t… I don’t…. I don’t… Meeeaaanuh it. I don’t, I don’t, I really don’t. LOL. Maybe more like disappear…

I’m panicking… I’m thinking the worst. The whole “kill yourself” thing never applied to me… Because, hey, shit like this never happens to me. I was too good of a mom for that – Always on-top of things. But maybe it did after all because my heart was beating so fast like my chest was about to explode or something. I kept telling myself to relax – But I have a hard time listening to myself when things are calm much less now.

I looked around our immediate surroundings… No Kuba. I head straight back to the bounce castle… No Kuba. Asked a few people who saw us there… Nope, they haven’t seen him. Ask the guy who’s monitoring the ride… Haven’t seen him either but said he would look out for him.


I go back to the concession stand. No Kuba. I go from one end of the field to the next – Back to the bounce castle… No sign of him.  The sun is starting to set, it’s getting dark.

This is karma… I know it.

I go to the police outpost … SIDE NOTE: A few times throughout the afternoon I had heard the emcee on the stage announcing missing kids (names etc.) and that their parents should pick them up backstage. But it was how he did so. It was nasty! Totally inappropriate and uncalled for! So even before Kuba went missing I was thinking that he’s such an ass.

So, I tell the officer that my son is missing and that he’s autistic and he may or may not answer if someone asks him his name or anything for that matter. Office says he will get right on it – A part of this meant getting the emcee to make an announcement. I asked him to hold on while I check the bounce castle one more time. It just so happened that the bounce castle was right next to the police outpost.  So the officer watched me go look around. I see a friend and was asking her if she saw Kuba and at the same time I felt someone hug me.

It was Kuba! I can’t explain the relief I felt. My eyes welled up. I wanted to cry. I stoop down to his level and held him tight. I looked at him and knew he was scared too.

Would you know all this time (probably about 45mins if that long but it felt like eternity) that Kuba was on the bounce castle? The guy who overseeing the ride comes over to me and says that he only noticed him after the second time I came by – He kept him on the ride all this time waiting for me to come back around. SIDE NOTE: I’ve never been against leashes/harnesses for kids and have always thought about getting one for Kuba – But evvverrrybody was against it! Saying he’s not a dog – It wasn’t necessary – People know us – We live on a small island, no-one would hurt him.  I let what others thought get the best of me and never got one. Plus I can’t say that I didn’t think about the looks and comments I would get from people.

Fast forward to now… When I don’t give a shit!

And I think we can all agree that things/places/people are not the same anymore. Kuba is no longer a runner, he’s more stealth and I’m not sure which one’s worse.  Plus he’s still sometimes VERY impulsive and gets distracted easily.

Anyway, I recently told my mom that I was getting a leash/harness for her to use while on an upcoming trip she’s taking with Kuba… And she was not pleased. She was one of those who didn’t agree with it. She’s trying to talk me out of it. It won’t happen though.  So look out for them on some YouTube video somewhere.  I would rather have them get the stares and snide comments than for her to call me to say he’s missing. The leash/harness is for his safety. If you don’t like it keep it to your damn self!

So… What do you think; would you use a leash/harness on your child? What do you think of parents who do?

Ok, so I know I just said if you on’t like seeing kids with harnesses to keep it to your damn self – But it was there – Right at the top – Had to come out. So on the street… Keep it to your damn self. Here… Feel free to say whatever with immunity from my mouth.


10 Responses to "Who Let The Dogs Out? Sheesh!"

Since no one is against a harness, I’m so tempted to be my Devil’s advocate self, but alas, I can’t. Unless you’ve stepped a mile in a mother’s heels, you really shouldn’t talk.

I used a harness/leash when I took my toddler back to the US and it helped me tremendously. so do what you have to do. It may not look pretty but you will certainly feel pretty good in the long run.

My youngest brother spent the best years of his life tied to trees etc…

Now you have to tell me more about this… 🙂

The feeling of not knowing where they are even for a minute is nothing short of torture. I avoid certain situations completely and I am a believer in the leash. IDGAF who stares. Doggy stays close to home, Momma don’t have to act like a bitch. 😀

i agreee w Denese above whatever gives you peace of mind is worth it

Took my two daughters to Canada, one a baby and one on a harnass, it was a God send.

Do what you need to do girl.

If it keeps him safe and gives you peace of mind get it, mom will get over it.

I believe in leash/harness. I had it for my daughter when she was a toddler. Its less headache when your in an environment that excites them. And in addition, a split second of them missing seems like an eternity.

The sad fact is… It really is an eternity for some parents. Thanks for the support Maylene

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