What the…!

Posted on: March 14, 2013

Ok… This story has riled me up to no end…

Probation for Ex-Principal Sex Offender

Is it me or the punishment meted out does not match the seriousness of the crime committed. Yes, all men are created equal but in a civilized society there’s a certain level of trust that’s placed in our educators, pastors etc. There’s an expectation there that they will act in the best interest of our children. When this trust is betrayed in a most vicious way they should be severely punished.

So we’re to assume that he will never do this again – That this was his first offence – That his daughter will suffer if he’s imprisoned because he’s the sole breadwinner for his family. From what I know I think they’re many other breadwinners who are in prison. But what about the kid who didn’t deserve this – Did not ask for this – Did not expect this – Trusted this person. What about all the other parents whose kids were in this school (or who came in contact with this man perhaps at church)? Who are probably now asking their kids; “Has he ever touched you?” and hoping for an honest (although they want to hear “no”) response. What about them? I don’t want to think that I’m the only one who thinks that this is just absolutely outrageous!

He took her into a room – On school premises. Locked the door – Obviously had more in mind than saying hello. Pulled her onto his lap – Started touching her ass and asking her if she knew what sex was. A principal, predatory and opportunistic, did this! To a fourteen year old! PERV! PERV! PERV!

How does an offense like this result in such an unreasonable lenient sentence?


Just saying…


3 Responses to "What the…!"

Remember people like me don’t get to see Observer every day, gimme his name, let me see who he is…………..

His name is St Clair Archibald. It was mentioned in the article (check the link) as well.

Exactly…….PROBATION MY ASS! …. How many other children has he done this to. What is this child suppose to do when she sees him?

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