Human in Disguise

Posted on: December 3, 2015

As we celebrate today, International Day of Persons with Disabilities t

here are some things (not an exhaustive list by any means) that I would like some folks to keep in mind.


  1. They need your support, not your pity.
  2. They need to work and earn a living, not work for free.
  3. Not to be viewed through the lens of their disability but for you to recognize they’re more than that.
  4. Know them by name and ability, their hopes and dreams and not their diagnosis. Or how about, when you think about a person with a disability, you presume competence.
  5. Words matter… more than you think. Your attitude impacts their lives… more than you know.
  6. Quit looking for them to inspire you. That’s not their job.
  7. There are many disabilities which can be helped with therapy. The last time I checked discrimination already had a cure.
  8. Not all disabilities are visible. So, see beyond the wheelchair.
  9. When someone tells you they have a disability; “You don’t look like it” is NEVER a good response.
  10. They have opinions and they’re not going to wait until you’re ready to give it. And you’re out of order for wanting it any other way.
  11. Just quit referring to anyone who cannot speak as “Dumb”. Just stop. No effing reason you can come up with is acceptable.
  12. I know there are folks who mean well but any disability policy must include the people whose lives it will affect; the disabled. They must be a part of the conversation/policy-making.

Remember… Inclusion matters.


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